What is Prefabricated House?

The prefabricated house is a light steel house model which is produced by applying insulation material on the galvanized steel and applying betopan coating on it. Structurally, it provides many advantages. For example, earthquake resistant, high thermal insulation, can be produced in desired dimensions and can be moved to another place when desired is the most preferred reasons.

Advantages of Prefabricated House:

  • Price is cheaper than reinforced concrete houses.
  • It is resistant to earthquake because it is produced with galvanized steel, it is almost impossible to demolish.
  • It can be easily separated and transported from the floor.
  • Systems such as air conditioning and combi boiler can be easily integrated. Air conditioning lines can be produced ready.
  • It can be produced as super luxury by using material as per request.
  • Electrical water installations are produced as ready and there is no limit on quantity. An extra plug or water line can be towed to the desired location.
  • Patio, balcony etc. All details can be applied.
  • By using recycled materials, the least damage to the nature is ensured.
  • There is no basic digging problem.

What is Prefabricated Villa?

Double storey prefabricated houses are offered as villas. Structurally, single-storey prefabricated houses have no difference from villas, 2 floors are produced and the upper floor for balcony etc. Details can be applied conveniently.
Prefabricated villas can be produced according to the desired square meter and are earthquake resistant. All items available in a standard house are available.

Prefabricated Villa Models

Prefabricated villas are different from standard models houses. For example 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms etc.

Heating and Cooling in Prefabricated Villas

Air conditioning and boiler systems can be installed easily in prefabricated buildings where heating systems can be integrated. Air-conditioner power line and conduit outlet line can be added to the rooms if you want and these do not require extra fee. You can install a combi for cold weather.